How OIX sees the future identity landscape and ecosystem

Co-Chairman, OiX Europe
Director of Identity & Fraud Solutions, Experian

15 Sep 2017
11:35 - 11:55

How OIX sees the future identity landscape and ecosystem

OIX’s members are working together to create the environment for service providers and consumers to leverage the next generation of identity solutions. So OIX has a perhaps unique view of the challenge that dealing with identity creates for both service providers and consumers alike. The costs of identity are currently too high, not just in terms of the management of identities themselves, but more importantly the lost business caused by subjecting consumers to difficult and repeated ID verification and clumsy logon processes. At the same time, the cost of doing nothing is poorly understood and is itself likely to be high.

With this in mind, OIX’s co-chair Nick Mothershaw will talk about OIX’s future vision for the identity landscape, considering the key eight areas that OIX has identified that need to be driven forward to achieve this vision. He will also discuss the thinking behind the various projects – both current and proposed – that OIX members are working on to progress this vision, step by step.

In summary, Nick will examine the future identity landscape as OIX sees it, and OIX’s role within the identity ecosystem.