Working towards stronger Digital Identity in government

Day 1
15 Sep 2017

Chair’s welcoming remarks

Our regular chairman, David Bicknell, welcomes all delegates, sponsors, and speakers to our conference and sets out the day’s agenda.

David Bicknell
David Bicknell
Principal Analyst, Technology Thematic Research

Government Keynote

A leading government figurehead will be updating our audience on the latest developments across government digital identity initiatives.

Should government care about Web 3.0?

What is Web 3.0 and how will it affect governments? The session will explore the ways that Web 3.0 could be incorporated into government services and how this could impact the type of digital identity systems that governments need to offer.


Identity in action

In this session we hear insight from leading digital identity suppliers and their customers.

Can you still have decentralised ID and eat your blockchain

A report from DARPA has identified serious security flaws in blockchain and importantly, that blockchain is not decentralised after all. With this in mind, how should government proceed with self sovereign projects? What are the alternatives to having a decentralised identity without the need for a blockchain? Can you still have decentralised and eat your blockchain?
11:15 - 11:40


Central Government Digital Identity Case study

This session will focus on the details and learnings around a central government digital identity initiative.

Can mobile up the identity ante

The mobile device has taken on almost god-like status in the everyday life of citizens. It seems that we can no longer move from room to room, let alone leave the house without our beloved phone. As such, the mobile device may offer a useful way for many (but not all) citizens to interact with government. This discussion will explore the ways in which mobile devices can act to present identity claims for government services.

The panel will be able to answer questions on advances in mobile identity, such as the use of Apple Wallet to hold driver’s license details and self sovereign apps. The discussion will also looks at what part mobile operators can play in providing verified data into the government services ecosystem.

Expanding upon this, the panel will look at the types of data that a mobile operator can provide during an online transaction to create more secure identity-based government services.

Identity in Action

In this session we hear insight from leading digital identity suppliers and their customers.

The Identity fit and local government services

Local government is increasingly looking how citizen services can be replicated / replaced by digital versions. How can this be done so that all citizens have equal access to these services and in a way that secure against fraud when identity document such as birth, marriage, and death certificates are used?

13:00 - 14:00


The Good, Bad and Ugly of mobile driving licences

ISO 18013-5 conformant mDLs (mobile driver’s licenses) are on their way. Questions that will be discussed include:

  • What implications do mDLs have for privacy and security risks?
  • Are UK police forces ready to process mDLs from overseas drivers?

International Identity Panel

This regular session looks at examples of best digital identity practice, experiences, and learnings from identity experts from across the globe.

What lessons can the public sector learn from private sector digital identity initiatives?

This session covers off some interesting initiatives across private sector identity projects and reflects on approaches that can be adapted for the public sector.

Future of Identity Panel

We close with our regular panel session discussing what tomorrow’s identity sector might look like, hearing from a variety of panellist across the public sector, analyst and supplier communities.

Chair’s Summary

Our chair, David Bicknell, summarises the of the sessions that you have heard today and closes the conference.

David Bicknell
David Bicknell
Principal Analyst, Technology Thematic Research

16:15 - 17:15