Can mobile up the identity ante

Chief Identity Strategist
Open Identity Exchange

15 Sep 2017
11:55 - 12:20

Can mobile up the identity ante

The mobile device has taken on almost god-like status in the everyday life of citizens. It seems that we can no longer move from room to room, let alone leave the house without our beloved phone. As such, the mobile device may offer a useful way for many (but not all) citizens to interact with government. This discussion will explore the ways in which mobile devices can act to present identity claims for government services.

The panel will be able to answer questions on advances in mobile identity, such as the use of Apple Wallet to hold driver’s license details and self sovereign apps. The discussion will also looks at what part mobile operators can play in providing verified data into the government services ecosystem.

Expanding upon this, the panel will look at the types of data that a mobile operator can provide during an online transaction to create more secure identity-based government services.