Decentralised Identity – transforming digital journeys

Senior Program Manager, Identity Engineering

Chief Product Officer

15 Sep 2017
12:10 - 12:30

Decentralised Identity – transforming digital journeys

During the pandemic, the world has seen constraints on both public and private sector organisations that primarily relied on paper-based and face to face methods of identity verification. The world needed to keep moving. Recruits needed to continue their onboarding processes, and administrative staff had to be certain that new employees had the credentials and qualifications required to carry out specialised work. Doctors needed to travel between new clinics and hospitals quickly to save lives. Students needed to keep learning and enrolling on virtual platforms. Organisations have used numerous digital methods to tackle identity verification and proofing to deploy resources smoothly and securely. How can the public sector use decentralised identity to build and maintain trusted digital transactions with staff, within government departments, and citizens?

This session will explore the opportunities, benefits and use cases of decentralised identity across higher education, industrial, healthcare, and beyond, focusing on:

  • Onboarding
  • Identity portability
  • Access to high-value resources