Frictionless onboarding in a hybrid world

Senior Business Development Manager

Head of Cloud Security
ITC Secure

15 Sep 2017
12:40 - 13:00

Frictionless onboarding in a hybrid world

In today’s world, our daily lives centre around transactions such as exchanging our data or verifying our identities. With the global shift to hybrid work, how can governments reduce friction when onboarding staff and temporary workers? By introducing verifiable workplace credentials, governments can streamline their onboarding process and cut administration time, reducing the cost of potential security incidents, increasing employee productivity and empowering staff to do the jobs they are hired to do.

In this session, Condatis and ITC will discuss:

  • The common customer challenges we see across highly regulated industries.
  • How verifiable credentials can streamline their HR and operational systems.
  • How organisations can tackle staff mobility challenges using Microsoft Entra Verified ID.
  • How governments can track the credentials of their workforce to ensure the right people have the right skills and clearance to carry out their work.