Trustworthy AI and Digital Identity

Alan Turing Institute

15 Sep 2017
11:50 - 12:10

Trustworthy AI and Digital Identity

Digital ID is becoming the gateway to the resources and opportunities and the incentives to misuse, commit fraud, breach or manipulate these systems are growing with their scope. We need to look at how we can make digital infrastructure for ID systems trustworthy by confronting evolving risks and evocative issues.

There is a commonality to issues faced by countries across the globe: What are the socio-political impacts of digital ID? What are the best governance frameworks to protect users of digital ID systems? How can we ensure that they protect the most vulnerable in society?

The answers to these questions lie in security systems that are confidential, delivered with integrity and are available to those in a format who need it most. Privacy and ethics will help ensure that systems are transparent and can be controlled. These pillars will make an approach to trustworthy ID robust in the face of unexpected events/environments and resilient to stress and the need to react. Consideration of how to build trustworthiness into these dimensions is a key focus of the Gates project at The Alan Turing Institute.