Over the last 8 years our conferences have developed a reputation for having the best speakers in the public sector.  We regularly secure the support and participation of leaders from various government departments that impart their knowledge around the future direction of all elements of public sector technology, of the frameworks that are available and of their experiences as prosumer users in government.

In addition to our public sector speakers, we also have some of the leading industry figureheads from top analyst firms telling us how the sector is performing and what to expect in the coming months and years ahead. We also try to recruit X-government leaders as speakers who can offer fascinating insight into the industry both past and present and are keen to offer their opinions on where we should go next.

Lisa Barrett

Director of Digital Identity
Government Digital Service

Kevin Cunnington

Director General
International Government Service

Elizabeth Wilson

Head of Digital Identity (Whitehall)
Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Cheryl Stevens MBE

Deputy Director, Identity & Trust Services
DWP Digital

Mike Summers

e-Government Director

Colette D’Alessandro

Women in Identity & Account Manager at Ping Identity

Christine Leong

Managing Director – Global Lead for Biometrics & Digital Identity

Susan Morrow

Head of Research & Development
Avoco Secure

David Bicknell

Principal Analyst, Technology Thematic Research

James Canham

Managing Director - Global Border Services

Sandy Porter

Avoco Secure

Philip Graham

Digital Programme Director
Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Arwen Smit

Identity Researcher
Author of Identity Reboot

Andy Letherby

Service Owner - Transaction Monitoring

Kareem Osman

Head of Risk & Intelligence Service Analytics
DWP Digital

Katryna Dow

CEO and Founder

Andrew Hindle

Hindle Consulting

Colin Wallis

Executive Director
Kantara Initiative

Jason Tooley

Chief Revenue Officer

Anders Henrikson

Verisec AB

Catherine Hope

Lead Statistician
Department for Work and Pensions

Adam Lewis

Founding Director
Hippo Digital

Rob Anderson

Principal Analyst - Central Government